Lindsay Akemi Photography


The other day I went to Sephora to visit my sister friend. I bursted with sweat as I lugged my just one-year-old through the parking lot, into the chaos of the mall, to the pearly floors of Sephora because I opted not for the stroller. Bad choice. I arrived in my lululemons and sneakers without make up and ready for lunch because I had some how managed to forget breakfast with the work load I pulled that morning. 

We go up to the food court for a meal and she encourages me to stop by the store after for some samples. I AM ALL ABOUT FREE, so of course. After scarfing down some spicy tuna and accidentally feeding my child wasabi (the horror of motherhood), we headed back. She sits me down at one of the make-up sessions and I turn to face a large mirror for the first time that day. I see my make-up-less face, my dark circles, my yellow teeth and I sigh... man, I am tired.

She spins my chair around brushes my face with some soft stones, applies a face mask, asks me about my life, wipes away the mask, makes me laugh, rubs a delicious smelling lotion into my face and turns me back around. Your face needs to hydrate she tells me. She filled my goodie bag with samples and hugs me tight and tells me to visit her soon. 

I look at my face, yeah, it still has dark circles and there won't ever be much I can do about my teeth because I love coffee too much, but my face does look better. It looks soft and moist. Hydrated. She saw me.

Sometimes the best feeling in the world is just to be seen. It doesn't matter who you are - mother, professional, student, grandma - life is hard and it wears on us, but sometimes it just takes someone seeing you and saying here. Let's just take some time out for you. That makes all the difference. 

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